Trip to Drifters Lodge on the Kenai River, Alaska

by Dylan

Brian from Postfly: “Hey we are planning a trip to Alaska, do-”

Me: “Im in.”


That was 7 months ago and the trip  and we just got back from Drifters Lodge on the Kenai River in Alaska. We joined forces with PostFly to document the entire trip (video coming this Winter).

While this wasn’t quite the sleepin in the woods with the grizzlies kind of trip, it was an amazing experience with many different fish species, wildlife and still off the grid… and of course, one of the best opportunities to target lots of giant angry Rainbows.

So, the guides at Drifters’ lodge were on a mission; to put us on the one they called “Walter”.

We caught stupid amounts of fish everyday but what was really amazing was how different, and how you knew after it was too late, when Walter hit. Almost everyday I had a shot at him but he either aired out and tarpon shook my fly or cut me off on someone else’s line before I could react. He was a different animal.

But finally, on the second to last day I hooked up with Walters’ sister.

Here’s the shot with me and Wendy…

alaska-5d3 352

Big thanks to the crew at Drifters for putting up with us and showing us what fishing AK is all about…

IMG_1040 IMG_1079 IMG_1132 IMG_1036 alaska-5d3 266 IMG_1037 IMG_1038