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An obsessing failure

2017 Charleston Angler 6th annual GoPro Film Festival Winning Film.

Every fly fisherman knows the struggles of this sport, let alone the struggles of fly fishing for redfish. Ask anyone about a redfish spitting the fly you knew would be perfect, or what about the fly getting stuck in grass? (strongest grass known to man). Don’t forget about the ole oyster line nippers, those will get you every time.

This being said, the great times outweigh the hardships, and that is why we, as fly fishermen, keep coming back again and again. Outlining the failures, to promote the best of memories in the Lowcountry of South Carolina is what our team aimed to do. Without the struggles, there would never be the memories we will keep forever.

Watch, laugh, and enjoy the film. We promise you’ll relate.

Video by: DHK

Charleston, South Carolina


3 months ago



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